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Cross-border EC Logistics

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Our services
Our services
01Air Courier
This is an international courier service that quickly and conveniently recieves by air goods that have been purchased in e-commerce (shopping malls)
Service products
Express Service
Economy Service
*Please do not hesitate to contact us for customs clearance and delivery.”
02Sea delivery
Our unique and specialized service compensates for the shortcomings of high airfreight rates and time-consuming general container shipping services.
We provide fast and reasonably priced delivery via high-speed ferry vessels which is extremely suitable for volume cargo, heavy cargo and e-commerce (shopping mall) goods delivery.
Service products
Economy service
Features of the international delivery service
01Peace of mind
With our accumulated knowledge and know-how, we deliver our products safely, securely, and reliably.
You can check the status of your deliveries and check the current status directly online. Assets allocated to these services can be allocated to other businesses.
Outsourcing operations allow us to streamline our organization and strengthen the core competencies of our business.
From reasonably priced ocean freight delivery, to expedited air freight delivery, to shipping agent services, we have services to meet your needs.
We will deliver your order to your destination on your behalf with the utmost care and attention.
04Fast and reasonable
We offer an unprecedented, reasonably priced and speedy delivery service by sea using fast ferry vessels.
Restricted items
Securities, precious metals, jewelery, works of art, antiques, etc.
Altered and/or perishable goods and animal carcasses
Explosives, firearms, flammable substances and dangerous goods.
Correspondence etc.
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